In today's internet age of IDX (Internet data exchange) and value transparency through real estate portals such as Trulia, Zillow and, what exactly is the value proposition that real estate agents bring to the table? What can you not get anywhere else? In other words, are we still relevant?

Good question...

How about "actionable intelligence?" As your real estate agent, that means providing you with specific, consistent and credible information that allows your purchase of a desired property in a preferred area at the most gratifying value.

Let's say that the local planning group just approved a major commercial development near a property you were considering because of the privacy. Or maybe a long-vacant land parcel has received tentative mapping for low-income housing? These are examples of critical, hyper-local information that Zillow algorithms cannot provide.

Simple enough. What else?

Now it's time for the compulsory patter about the holy grail of all guarantees. Let's say it together..."customer service." And it means something different to each client. Do I provide it? You bet, in every way possible, at all times from beginning to end and beyond. How do I do that? By knowing what it means to you. 

My value as your agent depends on my successful determination of how best to anticipate and serve all of your real estate needs.

As a buyer or seller, you do not need a chief technology officer. As your agent, I will serve as your personal chief analyst and I will deliver the service on a silver platter.

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