My firm, Pacific Sotheby's International Realty, is #ONE in market share for home sales above $750,000 based on 2016 closed sales in San Diego County. As the values go up, so does our market share. Once we get to properties closed over $10 million, we have a staggering $65% of the market.

So what? What does this mean to you? How does it benefit you in the sale of your home?

Good question...

To catch a rabbit, you must think like one. We have demonstrated our ability to successfully capture the imagination of the most sophisticated buyers in our market. Additionally, we have proven our business acumen providing the type of service and results luxury and fine home sellers expect and require. It is always in your best interest to mitigate risk by choosing a firm with consistent, proven results.

Professionalism is not left to doubt. As you would expect from the San Diego leader in luxury home sales, all of our efforts, from photography to signage, social and print media and our online presence is scrutinized, polished and approved to be of the highest standards before our name becomes associated with yours. The quality of our brand enhances your property's appeal and value.

You play to the level of your peers. Have you ever noticed how affiliation with those at the top of their game enhances yours? By selecting my firm, the top-producing San Diego brokerage of luxury and fine homes, you may expect to shine a particularly illuminating and flattering light on your home and achieve your real estate goals.

Please call on me today to learn more. It is always my pleasure to serve your real estate needs.

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