Ready or not...Here it comes

Innovation is coming, technologically speaking, and it is transforming our now-familiar *apps* to invisible, artificial intelligence and voice-driven programming, which is powerful yet harder to understand. Real estate is rapidly adopting these new platforms and we are about to be transformed...a-gain. It's best to *try* and understand the implications ahead of implementation, at least for me.

Interestingly, we should not expect more apps. In fact, we should anticipate they will be slowly taken away. The future of interface will be invisible apps and no interface at all. Computer behavior will be tied to our own behavior, and even our thought. Do you feel the boundaries slipping away?

And real estate is going to be hit hard. Zillow's next big thing will be Apple TV. But Apple TV responds by making Siri's voice commands mandatory to Zillow's programming before they will approve it. 

*Riley* is an electronic personal assistant that helps you find your next home entirely by text message. Big data analytics and machine learning optimize the search results and personalize the listings sent. One big difference to expect is that these automated systems will no longer be based on large indexes of information. Instead of the programming requiring that you ask for something it expects, *neutral networks* will *learn* based their own success and failure.

What is the catch, you ask? It is our lack of control. Decisions are made for us in an instant by a server farm in the cloud based on data points in the millions.

How do you like that?

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