In my journeys around San Diego County previewing homes I see many design amenities that are not only functional, but desirable and even popular! Here are a few for the master bath.

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A jetted tub is a wonderful thing if you have a touch of arthritis or simply want to rinse off stress from your day. Not necessarily a bather, with a view like this, and tub like that I would be.












Bath connoisseurs all agree that there is nothing so fine as a steam shower. Steam is the best move for many homeowners remodeling a primary bathroom. They all agree there is no going back once you have taken a steam shower. A handy tip; make sure that the shower ceiling is sloped so that accumulating water droplets roll down the wall instead of dropping on your head.












Way to go wall mount! Why you ask? Because it eliminates counter clutter and makes for easy cleaning. Personally, I prefer a streamlined look, and this design element brings it!

A few more bath bonuses, a heated towel rack. Come on! Who wouldn't love to be swaddled in a soft warm towel once the water is off?

How about recessed medicine cabinets with electrical outlets inside. A great place to keep electric toothbrushes, shavers, etc completely out of sight. Love that idea!

Privacy concerns preventing the addition of windows? Put a skylight over the sink and bathe yourself in the tub and natural light.

Would you like to know what else is popular in new and remodeled homes these days? Call me. Let's talk!

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