As you will see by clicking on the Zillow badge, I am a Zillow premiere agent. What does that mean, and why does it matter? And relating to the title of this post, are those zestimates really accurate?

Last question first...No, Zestimates are not accurate. Even Zillow's CEO recently admitted on national television to a fudge factor that could be as high as 30% in certain areas. Here's an example; if median home prices in your area are $980,000, which is easily acheived in Southern California, and there is an error rate of 11%, such as there is in San Diego, that translates into a $109,000 disparity.

If you are trying to sell your home, and you over price by that much, it will not sell. Your home becomes *stale* on the market. Buyers begin wondering what is wrong with it, and studies show that you end up selling for less in the long run than if you would have priced it appropriately to begin with.

In my experience as a realtor®, this has been been the downfall of many a seller.

So why does it matter that I am a Zillow premiere agent? Because it is your favorite real estate information website garnering upwards of 73 million unique visitors a month. It is another tool in my toolbox allowing me an important opportunity to expose your listed home for sale to millions.

And what does it mean to be a *Premiere* agent? When anyone visits your home for sale on Zillow, my name and contact information are shown prominently as the *listing agent.* When the prospective buyer calls me they will receive the most accurate, in-depth information and I will try harder to schedule a showing than an unrelated agent who would be perfectly happy to sell them another house.

There is a significant fee charged by Zillow to become a Zilllow *Premiere* agent, which I was happy to pay. I consider it an investment in my success and in yours when I represent your home for sale.

Just be mindful that when you are researching values on Zillow, there is an error rate. You have to look for it, but at the bottom of Zillow's home page, in small type, is the word "Zestimates." This section provides valuation error rates by state and county. Some of them are stunners!

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