Are you considering a remodel project in preparation for putting your home on the market? Not all projects are created equal. Some are worth more from a re-sale standpoint than others. 

A kitchen remodel is the 2nd best way to add value, right behind adding permitted square footage. Since that is particularly expensive, let's look at a fews way to acheive the 2nd best value increase without breaking the bank. Here are 5 ways to stay on budget with a kitchen remodel.

1. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are a great way to grab and go with lots of color, texture and size options to fit every taste and size.

2. Keep existing cabinets in the kitchen and baths, but re-surface with either a new veneer, or just a simple paint job.

3. Choose open shelving to add interest and keep costs low. It is an effective and functional way to display everything from every day dishes to grandma's china.

4. Consider other options for kitchen islands. A 6 foot island with cabinets can be expensive, so consider repurposing a piece of furniture. An old table, or dresser will bring unique character into the space. Tip: When looking for a piece, make sure it is countertop height (36 inches).












5. Opt for a cutout rather than removing a wall. Open floor plans between the kitchen and living spaces in a home are very desirable, but taking out a wall can be costly. Creating a simple opening may acheive the same results without wall and ceiling repairs that can be costly.

I am happy to provide other home remodel and staging ideas that may add value, help prepare your home for sale and allow you to obtain a more favorable selling price. In the couse of my work I preview many homes. It is important to understand what is selling and why, and I am always happy to pass along this information. Please call on me today.